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Safety and Wellbeing:

Can a New Approach to Employee Experience Management Drive the Change We Want to See?


In a world where remote work and virtual teams have become the norm, the way people collaborate, managers lead, and organisations create safe work environments has undergone a transformation. Join us for an insightful 45-minute online panel discussion: "Safety and Wellbeing: Can a new approach to Employee Experience management drive the change we want to see?"

Today, employees place a significant emphasis on a great employee experience including their wellbeing and safety, understanding that these factors profoundly affect their overall work experience. Neglecting these aspects can lead to increased absenteeism and staff turnover.

Our webinar, scheduled for September 14th at 11 AM CET, delves into this evolving landscape. Discover how aligning Wellbeing and Safety with Employee Experience (EX) can create a transformative impact in your organisation.

***Please note that this session will be recorded***

Thursday 14th September 2023

11:00-11:45 CET
10:00-10:45 UK



Karen J Hewitt Round

Karen J. Hewitt

Health, Safety and Wellbeing Engagement Specialist & bestselling author of 'People Power - Transform your Business in the Era of Safety and Wellbeing'.  

Richard Justenhoven Colour

Dr. Richard Justenhoven

Chief Measurement Strategist
Manuel Zehr-Baettig

Manuel Zehr-Bättig

Managing Director and Owner Praxis37, Coaching, Team development and organisational development

Facilitator: Hendrik Schossau | Sales Director DACH - Welliba

Hendrik Schossau


We would be delighted if you could join our global webinar. If you would like to learn more about Welliba or our webinar, please contact Stephen Forde at

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