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Employee Experience; Balancing employee support with data privacy

Many studies show that employees who struggle with rising demands at work and at home increasingly expect their organisations to be concerned for their wellbeing and experience at work. Traditional employee listening strategies and employee support programmes have proven not to be up to the task. Organisations are therefore increasingly turning to new technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and wearables, to meet employees’ needs for more personal support.

Gartner points out that organisations need to thoroughly plan how to introduce such technologies in order to avoid potential privacy problems. Gartner recommends proactively exploring approaches to better protect employee data privacy, rather than waiting for governments to introduce legislative frameworks that regulate these matters.

An ‘Employee Data Bill of Rights’ can create transparency around how organisations collect, use and store employee data. If employees find certain practices objectionable, they should be able to opt out of them. Employees should also be able to remove their personal data from the platforms they use/d for personal support.

Whilst designing EX+, Welliba put employee privacy above all other concerns. All employee data are collected on our private and secure platform, for which we are the data controller. We never disclose information that can be traced back to individual users. EX+ was developed according to the principles of Privacy by Design, meaning that data protection was integrated into its technology as it was created. Welliba is based in Europe, so it is subject to all GDPR regulations; and of course, users can opt out at any time, delete their accounts, and remove their data.

Welliba provides technology that allows organisations to provide their employees with more personal support, but NEVER at the expense of their privacy.


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