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Employee empowerment…your key to getting better data

Blog Series 2/3 | Time to break away from ‘employee engagement' and focus on ‘employee experience’ 

In this series of blog posts, we are exploring how the first employee experience management system, Welliba EX+, offers a new approach to measuring and managing employee experience (EX). Last week, we explored the new conceptual model for EX, this week we are looking at data quality and employee ownership. We will also explain why data quality and employee ownership go hand in hand in our approach. 

Welliba EX+ is the first psychometric instrument designed to measure and manage employee experience. It is built on the latest insights in behavioural science and human-centred technology. Our approach integrates findings from the most influential researchers in the fields of EX, wellbeing, engagement and performance. It integrates research and models by Martin Seligman, Carol Ryff, Barbara Fredrickson, Ed Diener, Arnold Bakker, Evangelia Demerouti, and Kristin Neff, to name just a few. 

Surveys have evolved over the last years. The first annual engagement surveys provided benchmarks for management, using standard survey technology. The next step was more frequent and agile pulse surveys were triggered whenever necessary. A third step involved better data visualisation through intelligent dashboarding. However, a main problem remained unsolved: the focus of measurement. Not enough focus was put on employees’ personal experiences. Some organisational problems may not be that important to them and do not require an intervention. Some organisational benefits may not be meaningful to employees and will not contribute to retention or productivity.  

Moreover, EX is a process rather than an outcome. This means that it will fluctuate continuously. Even intelligent dashboarding cannot account for this because the measurement is not timely enough. 

Welliba’s approach is very different from traditional EX tools & technologies: 

Firstly, we do not use traditional surveys to let HR gather data. We strive for higher data quality by motivating employees to share their personal experience in an ongoing manner. We achieve increased motivation by providing employees with immediate insights into what EX+ learns about them. Combined with actionable advice to improve their experience, employees are stimulated to provide more complete answers. Better data leads to more empowerment, more empowerment leads to better data. 

Secondly, our platform uses engaging micro-conversations to gather data about employee experience. Rather than asking lots of questions at a single point in time, our platform regularly asks employees short questions about their experience, designed to take just 2-3 minutes of employees’ time whenever they interact with the platform. These questions are triggered by what the platform has already learned to gather new, relevant data at any given point in time. Real-time insights make it possible to understand employee experience as it is evolving and to take immediate action if needed. 

The information that employees share with Welliba is completely private. We have built an elaborate privacy control layer into our platform. Individual responses are never shared with HR nor the employer; Welliba is the only data controller. Employees remain the owners of their data. They can share data with the platform to get new insights and advice. Whilst we handle their data, we guarantee their privacy, but employees can choose to remove their data from the platform, leaving no traces of their personal information. 

By combining individual Welliba Index scores, we can measure how teams, departments or entire organisations are doing. EX is not a state but a dynamic interaction between a person and their environment. By quickly capturing small but relevant EX datasets in real-time, Welliba can really delve into specific EX topics and help employees and organisations manage them at the appropriate moment. 

Finally, giving people more ownership of their experience could prove to be a tremendously positive influence on their ability to cope with the challenges of work and life. We are all aware that we are heading for more challenging times. We like to think that Welliba can teach and empower people to stay healthy and balanced, support their growth, and help them meet these challenges. Essentially, Welliba uses behavioural science and technology to help people learn from the experiences of thousands of other people, whose personal characteristics and contexts it can compare to provide personal advice, whilst guaranteeing the privacy of everyone’s data at all times.

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