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Frankwatching Employee Experience Event Utrecht

 Breakout session 'The future of EX: more personalisation and more control over ROI' hosted by Renate Hezemans

The Employee Experience Event is the annual event about happiness at work, with a key role for Communication, Facility management, Human resources (HR) and IT who work closely and optimally together. But also attention to technology and methodology, such as employee journey mapping and employee experience design. We are delighted to be presenting on the main stage at this event. 

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Thursday, 9th November 2023
Jaarbeurs, Utrecht,Netherlands

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Katarina Coppe


Renate Hezemans

Country Leader

Welliba Netherlands

Jeroen Schoolmesters

Country Leader

Welliba Belgium

Katarina Coppé




Welliba delegates

We are looking forward to seeing you in Utrecht!

If you would like to learn more about Welliba please contact Renate Hezemans at

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