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Welliba and Development Beyond Learning Partner to Support Early Career Talent

We are excited to announce Welliba’s new partnership with Development Beyond Learning (DBL). For organisations seeking to nurture their future leaders, DBL is the premier learning & development partner (L&D) for the early talent workforce. DBL’s distinctive approach involves tailoring engaging content and delivery methods to the unique needs of each client. DBL’s personalised modules are grounded in behavioural science and are designed to provide comprehensive learning paths that instil life-changing human skills. The ultimate benefit is a confident, effective, and engaged workforce.

Our partnership focuses on supporting early career talent. DBL provides early career talent with the critical human skills they require to be successful in their new role and future career. DBL and Welliba partner to expand the scope of early career talent programmes by measuring the ‘employee experience’ of the involved talent. It is important to understand how engaged or disengaged employees may be with their role and/or organisation and what can be done to leverage opportunities or remove blockers to sustain high levels of commitment to the new organisation. Currently, organisations often invest in early career talent without a clear understanding of how new employees’ expectations continue to align with the organisation once they have been onboarded. If their employee experience is poor and HR and managers cannot intervene, there is a significant risk that they will leave (and potentially join the competition) during or immediately after upskilling.

Partnering with Welliba will allow DBL and its customers to measure the employee experience in a holistic way (inc. the learning impact). This can reassure organisations that their investments in early career talent will have an effective return. A high ROI for investing in employee development depends on knowing that employees in the development programme are engaged, have no intention of leaving, and will thrive as they develop new skills to contribute to the success of the organisation.

Pete Humphreys, CEO of DBL says:

“At Development Beyond Learning we understand that early career talent plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of organisations. DBL’s unique evidence-based approach goes beyond traditional talent programmes, focusing on creating a brilliant talent journey that develops skills and nurtures exceptional individuals. Welliba provides a highly effective measurement solution that can measure that journey while providing self-insights to early career talent and organisational insights to HR and leaders. We look forward to using Welliba’s approach to help our clients develop their future leaders.”

Katarina Coppé, Chief Commercial Officer at Welliba states:

"Welliba is committed to empowering individuals with personalised insights and learning resources to unlock a better experience at work and life and increase learning effectiveness, well-being, performance and professional growth. Early career talent needs time to adapt to new jobs and new working contexts. If an organisation can gain an understanding of the needs of their talent during that time, and what is boosting and blocking them, they are more likely to thrive, both at work and at home"




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About DBL

The journey of DBL began over 15 years ago. The mission is clear: to be the preeminent leader in early talent development, bridging the skills gap effectively and innovatively. Our success has unfolded with tangible accomplishments — three offices spanning the globe, a high-level reputation within the community, and trusted collaborations with organisations that value and invest in their early talent. We are in the business of creating experiences and changing lives, striving to be the go-to resource and destination for early career development.




About Welliba

Welliba is a pioneer in providing personalised insights to individuals and organisations to help unlock a better employee experience in training, professional work, or personal life. Welliba’s digital solution is based on the latest research in employee experience (EX), positive psychology, employee engagement, well-being, resilience, and people performance. With a strong focus on privacy, Welliba's platform offers a secure environment for personal growth and skill enhancement.



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