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Talent Summit 2023


The Welliba team had the pleasure of attending and contributing to the Talent Summit in Dublin on 9th March 2023. This was a great opportunity to meet so many people enthusiastic about talent, and a great honour to be able to contribute to the agenda with many leading experts on people and culture from around the world. 

On the main stage, one of our founders and Welliba Director, David Barrett, gave a keynote speech on “Employee Intention Vs. Retention” to an audience of 1,200 people, where he presented findings from our global research project spanning 1,500+ participants. This research project was aimed at early career talent and was geared towards finding drivers of employee attrition, experience, and performance. If you would like to learn more, please visit our resource hub where you can find both a video of the keynote speech as well as our presentation deck. 

Our team had the pleasure of welcoming 40 guests to our VIP lunch, where we had the opportunity to complete a deeper dive into the research presented on the main stage and facilitate some great discussions with talent leaders from some of Ireland's leading employers. 

David also had the opportunity to join Rosanna Cooney of Talent Matters, The Currency in recording a podcast on the tension between performance culture and employee self-care. You can listen to this podcast in our resource hub.

Welliba works with organisations to attract, onboard and retain talent that performs, by enabling them to gain valuable aggregated insights on the key drivers of employee experience, along with predictive analytics on key business metrics related to their workforce. The solution works for organisations and individuals alike, by increasing self-insight, connectivity, and engagement and creating better business outcomes in a variety of areas such as Flight Risk, Absenteeism, Retention and Psychological Safety amongst others. 

Our Welliba Index sets to determine factors that affect employee experience, and our research shows that even a single-point increase in employee index scores can result in measurable and significant improvements in business outcomes, and help companies see an increased ROI.  

To learn more about Welliba, our research, the Welliba Index, or our solution EX+, please also visit our resource hub. 

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