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Ben Waber Joins Welliba

Ben Waber joins Welliba’s Advisory Group

We are excited to formally announce that Ben Waber has agreed to offer his extensive expertise and experience to Welliba’s Advisory Group, an external and independent sounding board that advises the Board of Directors. Waber is recognised worldwide as one of the leading thinkers at the intersection of management, data, workplace, and people.


He is currently a visiting scientist at MIT, where he received his PhD, a senior visiting scientist at Ritsumeikan University and the honorary chairman of the Japan HR and People Analytics Association. He was previously the president and CEO of Humanyze, a workplace analytics company he co-founded based on his research, and a senior researcher at Harvard Business School.  


Waber's book, People Analytics, was published in 2013 by the Financial Times press and became an international bestseller. In addition, he frequently writes pieces for the Harvard Business Review, HBR Japan, Wired Japan, Bloomberg, and Quartz, among other publications. Waber regularly appears in leading media outlets, such as NPR, the New York Times, CNBC, and the Wall Street Journal. 
Waber has given invited talks at some of the most prominent institutions in the world, such as the UN, World Economic Forum, Keidanren, Tencent, Samsung, and Google.


"I'm excited to work with the amazing Welliba team to ethically develop the next generation of people analytics tools to drive better outcomes for employees, companies, and society at large.”  - Ben Waber

Welliba's CEO, David Barrett, explains:

"Welliba is dedicated to innovation, leveraging cutting-edge insights from diverse scientific disciplines to enhance our AI business solutions. Our Science Team features renowned experts in behavioural science and human-centred technology. We believe that collaborating with today's foremost thinkers will enable us to deliver even greater value to our customers. Our Advisory Group will be pivotal in identifying new opportunities for innovation in AI and people analytics, ensuring we implement the most effective strategies." 


About Welliba

Welliba brings out the best in people and organisations through measurement technologies and behavioural science. Welliba pioneers a solution that provides personalised insights to individuals, managers and organisations to help unlock better outcomes. Welliba can support organisations in various people programs, including Employee Experience, Employee Engagement, Employee Listening, Psychosocial Risk Assessment, Manager Effectiveness and Learning and Development. 

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